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1.Sasya ganapathi?

Sasya Ganapathi consists of Natural Clay, Potting mix and Neem powder fertilizer is a natural substance added to it which promotes better growth.

2.What is UV stabilized Plastic pot?

BPA free, Terracotta coloured pot. UV stabilization primary function is to protect the substance from the long-term UV degradation effects from ultraviolet radiation. Which increases the durability up-to 6 to 7 years.

3.What is Nutrient block?

Nutrients block expands up-to 10 litres of growing soil. which contains substance that provides nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and growth of plants.

4.Rate of germination?

We are providing Organic seeds (Open Pollinated ). Which has 98% of Germination Rate. Best seeds to grow all over the year.

5.When can i expect my Delivery?

Your order will be delivered at the time of ganesha chaturthi. Any other region will be charged depending on your desired pincode.

6.How can i contact Sasya Ganapathi?

We have a dedicated support team, Feel free to Contact us.

Call/ Whatsapp: 9353668399