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About Us

Sasya Ganapathi

Each of us is trying our best to protest against global warming and protect our environment, but to control global warming and protect the environment we need to control things which impact the environment. Most of us participate in rallies to protect the environment and some of us plant wisely on every environmental day. Planting a tree should be done by each individual, that is the way to protect our environment.

We are the only creature who cut trees, make paper and then write “Save trees” on it. So it’s only us, who can change things again.

That is when we got this idea of Sasya Ganapathi, where we can stop affecting the natural bodies with Plaster of Paris and more than that each individual who is celebrating Ganesha festival can plant.

  • Our Aim

  • Ganesha Festival is been celebrated by most of us, its devotion and festival make the whole family together. By celebrating Ganesha festival with us, not only the whole family spend time together but even they will involve in planting. Many years ago we were surrounded by plants and trees and we had a life of more than 100 years but now we are surrounded by infrastructures, traffic, polluted air, and dirt. But now it's not only about showing devotion towards god but also let's try not to harm the environment or nature by planting.

    The earth is the God and everything in it, the world, animals, plants and all who live in it; So now it's the time to show devotion in terms of planting and saving the world.


    "God lies in the plant we grow"


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