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Sasyaganapathi 15 Inch (Buddha Ganesha)

Sasyaganapathi 15 Inch (Buddha Ganesha)

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KIT CONTAIN FOLLOWING ITEMS Delivery only in Bangalore

1. SASYA GANAPATHI (Buddha Ganesha) 

Size: L=12inch X W=8inch X H=15inch
Material: Natural Clay, Potting Mix and Fertilizer
Colour: Organic Colour 

2. UV Stabilized Plastic Pot

Size: L=15nch X W=15inch X H=16inch
Material: UV Stabilized Pot
Colour: Brown

3. NUTRIENT BLOCK (Expands upto 20 litres of growing soil)

4. SEEDS (Tomato/ bendi / Capsium any one in three seed variety)

5. Potting Mix ( Enriches Nutrients for the growth of Plant)