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God's own World

 Culture my identity

Indian culture has been renowned worldwide. There has been friction between an orthodox and western culture. But we need to accept the fact that it is also a developing country. In this journey from an underdeveloped country to developing country, people started analyzing what we have gained? and what we have lost? In my view, we don't see progress when we burn our wooden house to get energy. We never gonna deny the point that a developing country requires enormous energy.

My interpretation

Does the development need to copy a developed one? When the situation and perception change the solution also need to change. So-called Superpower nation and its geographical location make them adapt different energy sources. Does it make sense If we adopt the same? Indias geographical location (as a hot country) makes it easy to enhance the solar energy. But are we gonna accept it easily? When it comes to implementation there are so many hurdles we need to deal with. Do we lack in innovation? definitely not but we lack in accepting things. We are more influenced and public driven (going with the flow).

Going through the fact Myanmar is the only carbon negative country. Their culture promotes planting a tree when a baby is born. Every country has its own culture which makes them bind together and cope up with its surrounding. When we look at the attire of different culture it mainly focusses on climate. I don't find a valid point suiting up in a Tropical country like India. We are very much influenced by western countries.  


Coming back to our culture we respect each and everything around us whether it is fire(Agnideva) or The Wind(Vayudeva ). The way we respect things may vary some do pooja, others may try to protect. An atheist may deny the fact of doing pooja but everyone should accept the fact of a God particle. When we dig Philosophy into it if God is the creator and expect us to please him every day. He would have kept us beside him. So there is something beyond imagination. If we start to debug nature it's more complex than the brain. Let's keep it simple and accept the fact that nature is the God and respect it.

Life Focus

In the modern lifestyle, we mainly focus on today's comfort than future. We also accept the fact that it's hard to go back to the old lifestyle. But everyone can contribute to restoring our previous version of earth. Our team is working really hard to make our vision compatible with our lifestyle. Hence the product  Sasyaganapathi. It's very important to have a family get together at festive season and make it meaning full by taking care of responsibility.





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