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Sasya Ganapathi

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Our View

We are a bunch of nature lovers, Who are working towards its betterment. Its everyone's duty to care for environment when everyone contributes for its illness. If we pollute environment for 365 day and celebrate one day as world environmental day(june 5th), imagine the extent to which we are harming it. Our thought is not only to plant trees for all possible occasion but to nurture them in future. We highly respect our tradition and make alternate arrangements to follow the same in this lifestyle. Earlier there was a belief that a Tulsi plant in the house would supply enough oxygen to support a family, but the extent to which we are harming nature nowhere matches it. Not many participate in the rally organized on Environmental day. We don't blame them for their commitments. So we thought of integrating our prospective in their lifestyle. We take one step towards this and expect the same from your side. If god is the creator why don't we accept through this(sasya Ganapathi)? 

"What better can we ask God when we have nature as gift"

How it's made?


Why in mud or clay?

We prepare the Ganesh Idol from mud, potting mix and neem powder. Nowadays, Idols are made from plaster of Paris so that they become light weight and strong. POP is not a ecofriendly material. There are references in the Puranas that Shri Ganapati was created from grime.


Form of the Idol

The form of the Idol should be such that bhakti  and bhav towards the deity should be awakened instantly on seeing it. The Ganesh Idol should be made according to the science behind the Idol. The trunk of the Idol should be curved towards the right. Natural colors (which has no negative effect on nature) are used to make it more attractive.


Final touch

An Idol made with natural colour looks more appealing and imparts more Anand than one made with artificial dark colour.Many a time, scenes related to politics, current affairs, etc. are erected around the Idol. Such items erected merely for public entertainment and cheap popularity adversely affect the overall sattvik atmosphere there.


All the best for your team. Great effort. Received the item. Excited by the new way of celebration. I will be looking for more variety of seeds next time. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi.

Lakshmi Prabha

Sir, we just did our Ganapati Visarjane. We are immensely thankful to you. But for Sasya Ganapati, you Ganesh Chathurthi Festival wouldn't have been so good. Thank you once again.

Deepak Arkalgud

Good Project. Every one should know how to grow their food. This made me gain inetrest in gardening. I would love to celebrate festival in a innovative way. Please come up with more quantity next time. Few of my relatives could not order because it was out of stock. If we can pre-order it would be a hustle free process.Thank you.Ganapathi bappa Mourya!!

Bala Subramanya( Chennai)

Ranganath S

"I even celebrated Tulsi festival"

Sukrutha David Cappel

"I took it to Germany without breakage. Kudos to Packing"

Rupa Chopra

"Good initiative. I always encourage eco friendly products"
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